Corporate Climate Change Volunteering

Corporate Environmental Volunteering


Many in business feel a duty to call upon their staff to be utilised in part through volunteering, especially when it comes to climate change.

Volunteeering is in itself a very rewarding experience, but it is also invaluable to communities, the environment, and to cleantech startups. What's more - if the skills that you have are properly put to work then the outcomes can be enormously meaningful, both for staff moral, and within the placements themselves.

How we help?

Normally when people think of volunteering, they probably don't realise the wealth in experiences out there. Especially when helping the environment. Here at Climate Vol. we offer employee climate change volunteering packages that are bespoke to your staff and their skills. See the below package outline.


Here is what our corporate package offers:

  • An initial employee group Zoom call/presentation
  • Identification of local volunteering roles that suit your locality and interests
  • Contacting and liaising with placements
  • Assistance in paperwork preparation e.g. waivers and potential employee DBS checks
  • Sign-off on placements from line management on both sides
  • Communication of final choice packages for employees
  • Enrolment processing
  • Enrolment tracking
  • Company 'greater good reporting' - to assist the employer in understanding and communicating the impact of their volunteering e.g. C02e reduced


Signing up as a group of 4-5 employees is key for momentum, but not essential. Success is dependent on commitment and the continuity of the placements. Ideally a placement should last 3+ months at the minimum rate of one day per month.

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